Mountain’s we Endure

Rock Climber On The Edge.

One day he intends to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. However, the figurative mountain he has climbed in his lifetime is much higher. As Darin talks about his early school years, he shakes his head. At the vital age of six or seven, his teachers established that he was a “slow learner.” On … Read more

Blogging Journey

Typewriter With Blog Buttons, Vintage

So I have been playing around with the main subject of what my blog is about as I have several interests. One of my interests is in regards to Word Press and over the years I have tried different themes or plugins some were interesting, but to be honest some are overkill as well. I … Read more

Why Blogging

Why Blog ?

I am developing this site using Generate Press and Generate Blocks. So the site will change over time, but it will be very basic as I learn how to make improvements on the site as I learn to use Generate Press and Generate Blocks. The site will be about Generate Press and Generate BlocksUsing CSS … Read more