Blogging Journey

So I have been playing around with the main subject of what my blog is about as I have several interests. One of my interests is in regards to Word Press and over the years I have tried different themes or plugins some were interesting, but to be honest some are overkill as well.

I do prefer Guttenberg and even with Guttenberg you can go down the rabbit hole as well, so I have tried several different builders like Kadence to Quickly. All are good at what they do for their market I find. I have also tried several none Guttenberg Builders like Thrive Themes, Elementor, Oxygen, and Bricks. Now do not get me wrong each of these is a great builder in their own right. I found for myself that what I want to focus on is a builder that has more flexibility and is Guttenberg-enabled and yet has a great core development. For me, the one that ticks all my boxes is Generate Press and Generate Blocks. So what my Blog will be about is my journey in using Generate Press and Blocks and as I do this site will change over time.

Some of the other things I will be talking about are who my preferred hosting is the tools I use and why. My main focus will be on Generate Press and my journey in using it plus the use of other technologies as I learn them and how to learn them like CSS.

The journey will be interesting, but I am not going to be posing daily it could be biweekly to monthly have not decided yet. The focus will be on valuable content. I will also be posting on the personal subject of my own interest as well.

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